by Elven Venom

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World in Ice (Lissandra Tribute)


Years gone, but my trail did last;
a rightful throne from an ice-cold past,
time to claim back what I have earned,
Freljord, your queen has returned.



[Character] Kin’Fetamir, The Darkened Fang

In times alluring with sensations,
when String Alliance was newly formed,
a spirit broke the limitations;
orders and their laws he scorned.


Veiled Shadows

A war’s end was merely a beginning
of new monstrosity on the horizon:
flying lizards roaring, grinning,
blocking up our bright sun.


Timeless Darkin (Aatrox Tribute)

Throughout the history little is known
of my ancient origin, essence and home.
Five of us only remain in this world
with legacy, urging to rise up unburrowed.


Shackles of war

Long before the man existed
to walk the Earth evolving, learning,
an item – cursed, corrupted, twisted
locked away a passion burning.