by Elven Venom

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[Character] Zen’Jinn of The Sacred Starlight

Of times ethereal,
when space was filled with gassy droughts
and planes material
were only fetus within clouds



[Character] Uj’Zen of the Sacred Starlight

Bells of consciousness in motion
stir unwavering emotion,
descending figure, purple haze
justice wrapped in pale face.


Into the storm

Eyes staring through the window,
looking at the roaming storm,
neglecting distant dim glow,
our fear takes a vivid form.


[Character] Rusclaine Celeb of the Sacred Starlight

From realm no one dared to dream,
among the shores of ancient seas
rose a legendary queen,
born of light, raised in peace.


[Character] Elendanna of the Sacred Starlight

Rumor has it, that the sand,
mystic as the dawn of time
was home for one who couldn’t stand
war, hatred, pain and crime.