by Elven Venom

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Have you ever heard, my lad,
about a land without a land –
a fortress of clouds with spirit crowds,
unknown to rock, soil and sand.



Incantations, vol. II

Starsky Clairvoyance

Spirits of the starlight sacred
mirrors in the karma’s face bled,
I call upon your divine guidance –
the starsky alignment – clairvoyance,
prove the dark you are supreme
with your bright stellar stream.


[Short story] Merchant of darkness

Shadow. The dark reflection of a body, object, seen only in the presence of light. Not many think deeply about this word either because it may seem boring or there’s not much of a meaning behind it. In both cases – I don’t think so. (more…)

[Character] Angela Starwhisper

Here comes the phantom girl
whose past is mystery and mist.
A fortuneteller who can whirl
your own future on her wrist.

Roaming in the deserts, fameless,
her mystic eyes in cloak in hidden
clanless, lonesome, running nameless,
duty, beyond the sky is ridden.

Dancing with profound silence,
hearing what cannot be heard,
the stars are her unflinching guidance,
psychic, with a holy word.

Silent star, holy star
is your soul’s avatar.

Walking through a battle region,
seeing soldiers taking rest,
there she met the Heart of Legion
and Angela began her quest.

girl in cloak