by Elven Venom

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[Character] Enka Ohm, The Silent

Little boy with bamboo hat,
humbly raised in peaceful tribe,
whose dreams were quite far from flat,
nurturing a higher vibe.



[Incantation] S.M.D. – Supermassive destruction

Energies of the primal void,
seeking worlds to be destroyed,
crawling, creeping, screaming silent
deep within all that is violent,


The Void river

Legend speaks in temples old
of black tale, making mortals shiver.
Dusty, ancient runes foretold
of prime, abyssal, lifeless river.


[Character] Cureyn, the Firstborn Healer

Rumor has it, that behind
the hills, by countless eons bounded,
among the firstborns of his kind,
a stranger treated many wounded.