by Elven Venom

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[Character] Zen’Jinn of The Sacred Starlight

Of times ethereal,
when space was filled with gassy droughts
and planes material
were only fetus within clouds



[Character] Uj’Zen of the Sacred Starlight

Bells of consciousness in motion
stir unwavering emotion,
descending figure, purple haze
justice wrapped in pale face.


[Incantation] Trance Shatter, Stellar Shield

Trance Shatter

Photons of the rising dawn;
cradle of the starlight yawn,
sunlight’s root, nightmare ender,
faith, hope and soul render,
rise and shine, lit and dance,


[Character] Golu’Roval, Guardian of the omniverse

Born in realm of high vibrations
where no human flesh resides,
rose a keeper of dimensions;
the spinning galaxies he rides.


My symbol, with regards + Wallpaper

Symbols. Tons of them throughout the world and mostly with more than one meaning. Sometimes, understood, sometimes not, sometimes partly. In any case, as much as I love words and treat them as something sacred, I have a soft spot for symbols. Having a few tattooed on my body is a living proof for that. So I had the nerve to create a symbol of my own which shines in the center of my blog banner. This represents an emblem of my whole world that I am building. The idea was all mine, but the actual creation was done by a friend of mine who goes by the nickname Darius St. Clair. He even made a wallpaper for me which am so grateful for and I want to thank him for his mad photoshop skills and the time spent helping me. I cannot explain the meaning of my emblem because the night is dark and full of spoilers, but whoever is interested in some white shiny circles here is a download link for the wallpaper my friend made for me (resolution 1920×1080):  CLICK HERE

The day will come when all meaning shall be unveiled, but til then, and after that, may the symbols never be neglected and let’s all treat them with respect.

[Character] Rusclaine Celeb of the Sacred Starlight

From realm no one dared to dream,
among the shores of ancient seas
rose a legendary queen,
born of light, raised in peace.


[Character] Elendanna of the Sacred Starlight

Rumor has it, that the sand,
mystic as the dawn of time
was home for one who couldn’t stand
war, hatred, pain and crime.