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From Writing To Music III

Still struggling to find my own style, although I am overall pleased with the outcomes, still, my stuff is much amateurish, but anyway, here my third piece of tribute I made recently. Read the video description for more details about it.
Hail the thorns.


From writing to music II

Writing is the most meaningful piece of art that is happened to entangle me in its web of wonder, but there are also other forms of art that I pick interest in.
Some months ago I composed a little piece of music, made for my poem “Timeless Darkin” and a bit later I created a second one called “Miss The Darkness”, which I also made for a poem of mine that bears the same name.
Since I only posted the first one here I felt like sharing my second one, too, because I really like how it went out.


From writing to music

Art comes in many different forms. From time to time I enjoy shifting from one form to another and see what would come up. For quite the time I am working on a music project to create a song whose lyrics would be one of my poems, since I own a piano (music keyboard) and I though it would be a nice idea. The chosen one is “Timeless Darkin”, written by me a year ago.

Here is a demo I composed:

Hopefully, the full version will come out as soon as possible, as I am working with a dear friend of mine to add guitars and vocals and final mix.

Link to the original poem: