by Elven Venom

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[Haiku] Mother of Leaves

Primal goddess bloomed
since the dawn of ticking time –
sister of the Strings.



[Haiku] Mother of Strings

Primal goddess bright,
knitting fates of all that breathes
and more than you see.

Godly wheel held tight,
strings of destiny it leads,
no one’s will is free.


[Character] Mon’Ghar, The Merchant Prince

In times,
clouded in the distant past,
from race unknown in world vast,
a loner now, but prince before
the ancient will of nature wore.


[Incantation] Summon: Mother of Leaves / [Заклинание] Призоваване: Майка на Листата

Silent rain and breathing fire
fading leaves of blind desire
crumbling earth and flowing air
sinking colors of despair (more…)