by Elven Venom

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[Character] Master Jinn of The Thousand Hands

When worlds were in state of merging
and black holes stood behind to feed,
in long forgotten age of purging
a hero rose in times of need.



[Short story] Merchant of darkness

Shadow. The dark reflection of a body, object, seen only in the presence of light. Not many think deeply about this word either because it may seem boring or there’s not much of a meaning behind it. In both cases – I don’t think so. (more…)

[Character] Therion, Heart of the Legion

Here comes the true Blade Master,
one whose mind you cannot crush,
armed with the blunt sword – Laster,
soar at the battle gush.


[Character] Lhoergur, The Lord of Poisons

Here comes the burned
and only master of diseases.
Now he has been turned
into parasitic fleshless pieces.


[Character] Axylass, The Fiend Master

Here comes the one, exiled,
remnant of a Fire clan.
The rules of common law defiled,
now he’s always on the run.