by Elven Venom

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World in Ice (Lissandra Tribute)


Years gone, but my trail did last;
a rightful throne from an ice-cold past,
time to claim back what I have earned,
Freljord, your queen has returned.



Remember My Name (Yorick Tribute)

Haunting fog engulfs the Shadow Isles;
a chorus of doom spreading through miles,
never wondering for whom the bell tolls,
once again, the Black Mist howls.


The Devil’s Match (Teemo Tribute)


Hey-ho, Runterra,
it’s your little fella,
straight out of Bandle City,
right into action witty.


Game of Thorns (Zyra Tribute)


Greetings, child, are you feeling lost?
Kumungu jungle is an eerie host.
Watch your step; you walk among plants
who perceive you as something less than mere ants.

You see, we do hunger, striving and starving,
patiently waiting for folks like you, darling,
to fall in the Stranglethorn trap unsuspecting,
foolishly laws of the wildlife neglecting.

Dinner is served and you are the main course,
running is futile; surrender your life force.
You are a prey who just thinks that is clever,
we will be chasing you now and forever.

Nature is sometimes tricky and vicious,
for once I embraced a sorceress delicious.
Her flesh and my vines, they somehow got merged,
a hybrid phenomena bloomed and emerged.

We are the Zyra and this land is mine!
Blood shall be splattered through my vengeful vine!
Seasons reversed: I spring as mankind mourns,
falling, I welcome you to my game of thorns.

From writing to music

Art comes in many different forms. From time to time I enjoy shifting from one form to another and see what would come up. For quite the time I am working on a music project to create a song whose lyrics would be one of my poems, since I own a piano (music keyboard) and I though it would be a nice idea. The chosen one is “Timeless Darkin”, written by me a year ago.

Here is a demo I composed:

Hopefully, the full version will come out as soon as possible, as I am working with a dear friend of mine to add guitars and vocals and final mix.

Link to the original poem:

Somnum Exterreri Aeternum (Nocturne Tribute)


Long have we waited to pierce the veil,
slicing dreams, leaving blood-stained trail,
to the point of origin, know, we are one,
to fulfil our destiny here we have come.


Timeless Darkin (Aatrox Tribute)

Throughout the history little is known
of my ancient origin, essence and home.
Five of us only remain in this world
with legacy, urging to rise up unburrowed.