by Elven Venom

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[Character] Kin’Fetamir, The Darkened Fang

In times alluring with sensations,
when String Alliance was newly formed,
a spirit broke the limitations;
orders and their laws he scorned.



[Introduction] Hello. Who am I? What is this blog about? What is “Kin of Hearts”?

Who am I?

Hello. I never did any introduction. People who stumbled upon this blog just saw a bunch of poetry posted on it, and that’s all. I am just a man in his twenties who loves to write, expressing his point of view in different and unique way than the one you could call “usual” and I shall continue to do so until the last piece of breath of mine is taken. (more…)


Once again the sunset falls,
casting dark upon the livings.
The cruel moon collecting tolls
from the poor wretched beings.


[Character] Ortherion Flameheart

Here comes the soldier – heir
of the noble kin of Hearts.
All the foes of Fate to tear,
following the martial arts.