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Cosmic Horror (Dota 2 Enigma Tribute)


>Friendly tip: click on the blue text to reveal its actual sound from the game from where I used the reference. If you stumble upon something dark in the end, just mark the text to reveal it, hehe.

As the spark of endless suns dies,
a force in the cosmic depths does rise,
primal being awakens, hurls,
I take form, consumer of worlds.



[Short story] Merchant of darkness

Shadow. The dark reflection of a body, object, seen only in the presence of light. Not many think deeply about this word either because it may seem boring or there’s not much of a meaning behind it. In both cases – I don’t think so. (more…)

[Incantation] Nemesis

Howling spirits drowned in pain,
hurt, lived with hopes in vain,
abandoned, faced the true despair,
tasted meaning of unfair,
I call upon thee for vengeance,
stirring up your hatred engines:
Let my sword burst with power
and strike my foe(s) with horror shower!

[Character] Curion Courageheart

Ancient glyphs discover tales
about a brave, courageous hero
who took a step beyond his rails
and achieved so much from zero.