by Elven Venom

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Since the space originated,
elements, colliding, merging,
ignited and incinerated,
from one to other form converging,



Incantations, vol. IV

Shadow Summoning

Bells of the lonely Greywing,
a mourning dirge they slowly ring,
the curtain falls
as the face of yours
sees its own
shadow unveiled
and by its pressure,
your soul is nailed.


Incantations, vol. III

Summon: Air Elemental

Fellow winds
with whirling currents,
the way you blow to
is the same I go to,
let your will be reborn
and let me ride with you
upon thy storm.


[Haiku] Mother of Leaves

Primal goddess bloomed
since the dawn of ticking time –
sister of the Strings.


[Character] Xamail Meinlach of the Firstborns

Ancient sulfur, ash and coal,
burrowed deeply in the earth
tells a tale of one whose goal
was reached beneath the mountain skirt.


Драконов ездач / Dragon Rider


Вънка в плътна мрачна нощ,
нейде из лесовата площ,
вятър екна от небесата
неестествено в росата.


[Character] Geryl, the Green Human

Here comes the one who swore
to avenge a fallen queen.
Now it’s time to end a war
with spell that no one’s ever seen!


[Character] Axylass, The Fiend Master

Here comes the one, exiled,
remnant of a Fire clan.
The rules of common law defiled,
now he’s always on the run.


[Incantation] Summon: Mother of Leaves / [Заклинание] Призоваване: Майка на Листата

Silent rain and breathing fire
fading leaves of blind desire
crumbling earth and flowing air
sinking colors of despair (more…)