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[Character] Querthamell, the Firstborn Blacksmith

Rumor has it, that a trader –
blacksmith ended his career,
for he – a Firstborn, was creator
of weapon of inhuman fear.



[Character] Morlass, the Firstborn Commander

Rumor has it that before
the tides of horror slowly fell,
among the Firstborns there was war
and one elf danced it, flawless, well.


Laster Blade – Sword of the Commander

From recipes deeply hidden
in times of roaring scourge and scorn,
by methods severely forbidden,
the sole Laster Blade was born.


[Character] Khaos, Lord of the Void

Born from nothing, the one preceding
all creation, life and order
now returns as he’s exceeding
limits of the balance border.


[Character] Dúlin, The Firstborn Nightingale

Rumor has it, that the east
winds were carrying songs of magic,
sang by maiden through the beasts,
calming, cleansing all their tragic.


[Character] The Mistress of The Night / Господарката на Нощта

Here comes the goddess, chained –
the sole Mistress of The Night.
Now her passion has been drained
by aura with a crimson light.


[Character] The Spirit Dreamer

Here comes the scientist
who traded all his mighty strength,
the black sheep of the “Iron Fist”,
to increase his wisdom length.


[Character] Lhoergur, The Lord of Poisons

Here comes the burned
and only master of diseases.
Now he has been turned
into parasitic fleshless pieces.


[Character] Cureyn, the Firstborn Healer

Rumor has it, that behind
the hills, by countless eons bounded,
among the firstborns of his kind,
a stranger treated many wounded.


[Character] Axylass, The Fiend Master

Here comes the one, exiled,
remnant of a Fire clan.
The rules of common law defiled,
now he’s always on the run.


Shackles of war

Long before the man existed
to walk the Earth evolving, learning,
an item – cursed, corrupted, twisted
locked away a passion burning.


[Incantation] Summon: Mother of Leaves / [Заклинание] Призоваване: Майка на Листата

Silent rain and breathing fire
fading leaves of blind desire
crumbling earth and flowing air
sinking colors of despair (more…)

The face of Fate

Here I stand with my last breath,
before I meet the grip of death –
a fortune soldier’s wicked story
of no regret and honored glory.