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O Natura [Latin/English/Bulgarian]


O Natura,
tamquam corde,
aptet vos,
semper florentes
et perficiendo,
respirationem vita,
ante comantem,
et inter amplexus.
et machinis,
et tu præcéssit
in saecula saeculorum.



Cosmic Horror (Dota 2 Enigma Tribute)


>Friendly tip: click on the blue text to reveal its actual sound from the game from where I used the reference. If you stumble upon something dark in the end, just mark the text to reveal it, hehe.

As the spark of endless suns dies,
a force in the cosmic depths does rise,
primal being awakens, hurls,
I take form, consumer of worlds.


[Character] Ellomar, the Firstborn Earthcaller

From oldest tales ever known
a hero rose in elven myths
with heart of gold and skin of stone,
bending earth with his own fists.


[Character] Mon’Ghar, The Merchant Prince

In times,
clouded in the distant past,
from race unknown in world vast,
a loner now, but prince before
the ancient will of nature wore.


Legend of the eight suns / Легенда за осемте слънца

Tell me, young one, have you heard
on your way of soldier duty
about the local tale that lured
around this place with sorrow’s beauty?

Good old man, I do not know
what miracles have happened here.
I accept your village’s call,
eagerly, I want to hear.

The humble old man sat at ease,
staring at the fireplace
and told the story like a breeze,
speaking calm with note of grace.

Dating back to ancient days,
when sign of evil wasn’t heard,
lands were blessed with joyful rays
as mystic tribes abided Earth.

Proudly, like the sun they shined,
with endless thirst for wisdom, knowledge,
the smallest grains of light they’d find,
most worthy were to be acknowledged.

But from place unknown emerged
and came a stranger – interruptor,
the tribes of light he slayed and scourged,
becoming bloody, true destructor!

Strange magic he did cast
their will he broke this woeful day
time itself he outrunned fast
their very light he drained away!

Then the strongest kins of all
assembled with their fullest force.
The freedom fighters faced the foe
and came to grips without remorse!

Seven young souls and a sage –
a ray of hope in racial hell
into battle did engage
but in the clash their leader fell.

The grass was then completely dried,
paleness to the mountains – brought,
azure heavens also cried
for the ones who bravely fought.

Entire race – eradicated,
seven-star constellation
the roaming legend still awaited
until triumphal vengeance
is gained!


Чувал ли си, момко снажен,
тръгнал тук по воинска длъжност,
за приказка от порядък важен,
що се носи в таз окръжност?

Кажи ми, дядо, недей се вая,
сефте идвам в твойто село,
искам приказката да узная –
що за чудо тук се е плело?

Седна старецът удобно,
очи в огнище ококори
и разказа му подробно,
без да бърза, проговори:

Назад, във древни времена,
нейде из старинни дати,
тук живели племена,
от всички люде по-чудати!

Гордо греели кат слънце,
вечно жадни за познание,
лъч посят във всяко зрънце,
най-достойни за признание!

Незнайно от къде обаче
изникнал странник – нарушител.
Превърнало се туй юначе
в техен кървав разрушител!

Странно чудо бил направил:
воля им за миг пропукал,
самото време изпреварил,
светлината им засмукал!

Тогаз най-силната рода,
опълчила се с всички сили!
В борба за тяхна свобода
в ужасяващият враг се впили!

Влезнали в борба осмина –
лъч надежда в расов здрач.
Един се в сблъсака спомина –
не друг, а техният водач!

Тогаз изсъхнала тревата
и планините побелели,
разплакала се и синевата
в траур за борците смели.

Цяла раса бе затрита
останало седемзвездното съзвездие.
Легендата им още скита,
очакваща триумфалното възмездие!

We, The Fallen / Ние, Падналите


Drop, two, three, a dozen drowned,
dripping from eyes – pitch black holes,
a lonesome flower slowly yawned
beneath the shades of evil crows.

No one could’ve seen the edged
glare of figures undetected.
One of them in vengeance pledged,
other – by the sun rejected.

No one could’ve heard the cloaked
steps of death, approaching near.
A lying, poisoned soldier choked,
spitting out his blood in fear.

Those preys, so pitiful and blind,
clearly never knew what hit ’em!
Two masquers with pale bind:
We, The Fallen, end their rhythm!

Our sole existence, hollow,
by fiery agony given birth,
hardened by the wrath and sorrow
through a thorn of blazing hurt.

The old prophecy summoned us
for heavy words to be thrown.
We stand before your lament, thus
scourging sinners to the bone!

From the heavens we did fall,
mortals tremble in our presence,
malice in our hearts did grow,
we are spreading darkness essence!

A drop, two, tears be falling,
from our white masks – facial veil,
our souls are burning, howling:


Капка, две, три, дузина
падат от очи – катрани.
Китно цвете се прозина
в сенките на злите врани.

Идват, крачат, тук са вече,
поглед кос не ги завари.
Единия във мъст се врече,
а друг – слънцето забрави.

Никой не успя да чуе
стъпки в смъртна пелерина.
Проснат войн кръвта си плюе –
в гъста отрова се зарина.

Жалки жертви – тъй не сгрели,
че кошмарът самоук –
две петна със маски бели:
Ние, падналите, сме тук!

Нашето съществувание
от огнена агония роди се.
През шип на разочарование,
от скръб и ярост закали се!

Пророчеството ни доведе
тежки думи ний да кажем:
Стоим сега пред вас – отпреде
всеки грешник да накажем!

Паднахме от небесата,
всичко живо от нас трепери.
С черна злоба във сърцата
вечен мрак ще се разпери.

Капка, две, сълзи протичат
от бели маски – тутак си,
в ад души ни се препичат:

Драконов ездач / Dragon Rider


Вънка в плътна мрачна нощ,
нейде из лесовата площ,
вятър екна от небесата
неестествено в росата.


The song of Greywing

Let me sing to you, my friend
the ballad of my life transcended,
a stream of words that I’ll defend
until my last heartbeat has ended.


[Translated] Lhoergur vs Nyx / Лоергур срещу Никс

Seeds of darkness standing high,
the dawn despising so amain,
deadly horror holding tight,
but feelings in their heart remain.


The Void river

Legend speaks in temples old
of black tale, making mortals shiver.
Dusty, ancient runes foretold
of prime, abyssal, lifeless river.


[Character] Elendanna of the Sacred Starlight

Rumor has it, that the sand,
mystic as the dawn of time
was home for one who couldn’t stand
war, hatred, pain and crime.


[Character] Ortherion Flameheart

Here comes the soldier – heir
of the noble kin of Hearts.
All the foes of Fate to tear,
following the martial arts.


[Character] Earenniel, The Ocean Princess

Far across the seven seas,
by the water magic guided,
in between the sands and trees
of island, peaceful tribe resided.


[Character] Angela Starwhisper

Here comes the phantom girl
whose past is mystery and mist.
A fortuneteller who can whirl
your own future on her wrist.

Roaming in the deserts, fameless,
her mystic eyes in cloak in hidden
clanless, lonesome, running nameless,
duty, beyond the sky is ridden.

Dancing with profound silence,
hearing what cannot be heard,
the stars are her unflinching guidance,
psychic, with a holy word.

Silent star, holy star
is your soul’s avatar.

Walking through a battle region,
seeing soldiers taking rest,
there she met the Heart of Legion
and Angela began her quest.

girl in cloak

[Character] Therion, Heart of the Legion

Here comes the true Blade Master,
one whose mind you cannot crush,
armed with the blunt sword – Laster,
soar at the battle gush.