by Elven Venom


Game of Thorns (Zyra Tribute)


Greetings, child, are you feeling lost?
Kumungu jungle is an eerie host.
Watch your step; you walk among plants
who perceive you as something less than mere ants.

You see, we do hunger, striving and starving,
patiently waiting for folks like you, darling,
to fall in the Stranglethorn trap unsuspecting,
foolishly laws of the wildlife neglecting.

Dinner is served and you are the main course,
running is futile; surrender your life force.
You are a prey who just thinks that is clever,
we will be chasing you now and forever.

Nature is sometimes tricky and vicious,
for once I embraced a sorceress delicious.
Her flesh and my vines, they somehow got merged,
a hybrid phenomena bloomed and emerged.

We are the Zyra and this land is mine!
Blood shall be splattered through my vengeful vine!
Seasons reversed: I spring as mankind mourns,
falling, I welcome you to my game of thorns.


From writing to music

Art comes in many different forms. From time to time I enjoy shifting from one form to another and see what would come up. For quite the time I am working on a music project to create a song whose lyrics would be one of my poems, since I own a piano (music keyboard) and I though it would be a nice idea. The chosen one is “Timeless Darkin”, written by me a year ago.

Here is a demo I composed:

Hopefully, the full version will come out as soon as possible, as I am working with a dear friend of mine to add guitars and vocals and final mix.

Link to the original poem:

[Haiku] The Seer’s Temple

Halls with engraved walls,
a seer’s ancient resting place –
long forsaken tomb.

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[Character] Uj’Zen of the Sacred Starlight

Bells of consciousness in motion
stir unwavering emotion,
descending figure, purple haze
justice wrapped in pale face.

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He, The Unlit (Thief)

Unborn was he, until given
birth in someone else’s flesh.
Renounced was he of all things holy,
but himself he shall serve.

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Somnum Exterreri Aeternum (Nocturne Tribute)


Long have we waited to pierce the veil,
slicing dreams, leaving blood-stained trail,
to the point of origin, know, we are one,
to fulfil our destiny here we have come.

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Incantations, vol. IV

Shadow Summoning

Bells of the lonely Greywing,
a mourning dirge they slowly ring,
the curtain falls
as the face of yours
sees its own
shadow unveiled
and by its pressure,
your soul is nailed.

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[Character] Ivaal of the Blood Red Scales

Roaring symphonies of blazing wave
reached the realms of man and ghost
through every tree, house and cave,
burning with injustice most.

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Prophecies, vol. I

Blood of the Azure Wind.

The dawn of truth will come upon us all
and on this day seven suns will rise,
led by The Azure Wind,
walking upon the yawning heavens,
seeking for its own blood
and its blood it shall find.
Then an eight sun will be born
and the shadows shall tremble
before its presence.

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Ние, нощните птици

Едно от многото психологически разделения на хората е това на ранобудни и нощни птици, или точното им наименование, ако случайно като мен сте ги учили по английски език: чучулига и бухал (lark and owl).

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The Royal Hunters

They do not sleep. They do not rest. They do not blink. They do not beg for mercy, nor do they give such. One thing is what they do best. Assassinate.

Their story is millenial. Their bloodline is long and the blood they’ve spilled has changed the color of countless rivers and has soaked in the trembling soil of many lands. The darkness of their vocation has sunk deep within their veins and shimmers in their eyes. They hold no pride in their deeds, but they are justified. They kill in the name of their kingdom. Hired by it, they take the lives of every single threat in order to protect their kingdom, their land.

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Кралските Ловци

Те не спят. Те не почиват. Те не мигат. Те не се молят за милостиня, нито дават такава. Едно нещо правят най-добре. Убиват.

Историята им е хилядолетна. Кръвната им линия е дълга, а кръвта, която са проляли е променяла цвета на мнозина реки и е пояла трептящата от ужас почва на много земи. Мракът на призванието им се е утаил дълбоко във вените и блика чак в очите им. Не се гордеят с постъпките си, но са оправдани. Убиват в името на своето кралство. Наети от него, те отнемат животите на всяка една заплаха, за да го защитават. В името на земята си.

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Chosen of The Moon (Diana Tribute)


Ask me not why my hope has set,
my eyes have seen the clouded truth,
for deeds I’ve done I hold no regret,
the moonlight waits for no salute.

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Свободата и нейната цена

От много лета тази дума представлява интерес за мен, затова дойде време да и обърна специално внимание.


Изображение: “To Set You Free” От Джефри Смит.

Какво е свобода?

Детската ми дефиниция за думата “свобода” бе “да правиш каквото си искаш”. С времето разбиранията ми се измениха и претърпяха известна метаморфоза, но преди да изложа новото си определение за думата, нека дам няколко примера какво е свобода за различните хора:

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Животните: Отражение на нашето съзнание



Като всеки уважаващ себе си wannabe мислещ човек със специалност дървена философия, съм се замислял относно дълбоката и екзистенциална тема за произходът на човека. След известно мислене установих, че е имало живот и преди да е имало хора, затова реших любопитно да бръкна мислено с пръст в по-древните времена и да вкуся от странната гозба, наречена еволюция. Read the rest of this page »

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