by Elven Venom

Short stories

The Royal Hunters

They do not sleep. They do not rest. They do not blink. They do not beg for mercy, nor do they give such. One thing is what they do best. Assassinate.

Their story is millenial. Their bloodline is long and the blood they’ve spilled has changed the color of countless rivers and has soaked in the trembling soil of many lands. The darkness of their vocation has sunk deep within their veins and shimmers in their eyes. They hold no pride in their deeds, but they are justified. They kill in the name of their kingdom. Hired by it, they take the lives of every single threat in order to protect their kingdom, their land.



[Short story] Merchant of darkness

Shadow. The dark reflection of a body, object, seen only in the presence of light. Not many think deeply about this word either because it may seem boring or there’s not much of a meaning behind it. In both cases – I don’t think so. (more…)