by Elven Venom


Incantations, vol. III

Summon: Air Elemental

Fellow winds
with whirling currents,
the way you blow to
is the same I go to,
let your will be reborn
and let me ride with you
upon thy storm.



Incantations, vol. II

Starsky Clairvoyance

Spirits of the starlight sacred
mirrors in the karma’s face bled,
I call upon your divine guidance –
the starsky alignment – clairvoyance,
prove the dark you are supreme
with your bright stellar stream.


Incantations, vol. I

Hawk Eyesight

Fellow hunters of the sky,
guide me with your sharpened eye,
I raise my head towards the clouds,
to see far through the shadow’s frauds.


[Incantation] Trance Shatter, Stellar Shield

Trance Shatter

Photons of the rising dawn;
cradle of the starlight yawn,
sunlight’s root, nightmare ender,
faith, hope and soul render,
rise and shine, lit and dance,


[Prophecy] Blood of The Azure Wind / [Пророчество] Кръвта на Азурният Вятър

The dawn of truth will come
and with it seven suns will rise
on the horizon of the dark land,
led by The Azure Wind (more…)

[Incantation] Dream Shatter, Eternal Nightmare

Dream Shatter

Energies of the eternal rest,
whispers in sapphire dressed,
detach my puppeteer strings
and cut this dream’s heart and limbs.

[Incantation] S.M.D. – Supermassive destruction

Energies of the primal void,
seeking worlds to be destroyed,
crawling, creeping, screaming silent
deep within all that is violent,


[Incantation] Nemesis

Howling spirits drowned in pain,
hurt, lived with hopes in vain,
abandoned, faced the true despair,
tasted meaning of unfair,
I call upon thee for vengeance,
stirring up your hatred engines:
Let my sword burst with power
and strike my foe(s) with horror shower!

[Incantation] Nova, Paranova, Harmanova


Shining light of the seventh rift,
running endlessly, so swift,
gathering the constellations,
source, breath of all creations,
collect your will within one sphere,
and may the shadows disappear!


[Prophecy] Night of the Nightingale / [Пророчество] Нощта на Славеят

The wild bird, bearing the voice of the gods,
a song never outsung by anyone,
will be entangled in the wheel of the Unlit.
Eight spikes will rend her existence, (more…)

[Incantation] Iron poetry for an Iron Fist

I am energy unbound,
a trait of life unfold, profound,
essence of an ancient spirit,
shadowless, I am judgment, fear it!


[Incantation] Power Overwhelming

I. Anti-Immortality

Divine javelin of judgment, shining,
held by the creator of space and timing,
I summon thee to brake my curse!
Pierce the void with omniverse!

[Incantation] Divine Infect + Divine Silence


Energies of the bitter death –
those who steal the living’s breath,
I call upon thee, once more
through my parasitic roar! (more…)

[Incantation] Summon: Mother of Leaves / [Заклинание] Призоваване: Майка на Листата

Silent rain and breathing fire
fading leaves of blind desire
crumbling earth and flowing air
sinking colors of despair (more…)