by Elven Venom


Gather ’round, lads, Eyepoe here,
tonight’s the night of ocean story.
What I’ve seen through my career
will question your pursuit for glory.

A world born of no light spark,
where giant monsters lurk and dwell,
all the matter – liquid arc,
for mammals – bubbly bloody hell.

Mermaids, merman, fish and others,
quickly swimming with a grace
and that barely even covers
the population of this place.

There ain’t no boat, raft or ship
that can take you there, to lead,
but honestly, what man would trip
to a place where you can’t breathe?

If you were a deep one,
would you rather visit or hide
from our plane or creep some
puny humans worldwide?

Some even say there is a god
ruling over what lies below.
Much there is to this tale odd,
that even I want not to know.


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