by Elven Venom

[Character] Zen’Jinn of The Sacred Starlight

Of times ethereal,
when space was filled with gassy droughts
and planes material
were only fetus within clouds

the Primal Master Jinn gave birth
to a little geenie child,
engraved within him magic word,
the baby’s weight was ghostly mild.

But the child grew so fast
with his glowing azure skin.
Primal magic he could cast
as proud descendant of his kin.

Zen’Jinn was he called among
the species in the White Towers,
unbound by gravity and strong,
demonstrating wizard powers.

Not long till he formed a pact
with the Sacred Starlight’s calling.
Rifts need to be kept intact
and wheel of fortune must keep rolling.

Zen’Jinn surely never rests,
granting your desires and wishes,
but careful what you manifest,
for you may end up sleeping with the fishes.


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