by Elven Venom

Cosmic Horror (Dota 2 Enigma Tribute)


>Friendly tip: click on the blue text to reveal its actual sound from the game from where I used the reference. If you stumble upon something dark in the end, just mark the text to reveal it, hehe.

As the spark of endless suns dies,
a force in the cosmic depths does rise,
primal being awakens, hurls,
I take form, consumer of worlds.

I am deepest fear incarnate,
malefic vision of a dark fate,
your blackest nightmares I resemble,
from void and shadow, I assemble.

Crushing Tiny into diamond,
breaker of the stars’ alignment,
devouring them all with ease,
conflict is eternal, there is no peace.

Among the four Fundamentals,
superior to all elementals,
the void is burning galaxies to crisp,
you cannot escape my grasp, Wisp.

Creeps into demons I convert,
light into darkness I invert,
a horror lies beyond the helpless bright sun,
nothing is safe once it crosses my horizon.

Chaos Knight, does it burden thee,
being limited by uncertainty?
I wipe away your illusive bliss;
felt the chills? Welcome to the abyss.

Your might just cannot raid me,
have you no clue?
If light cannot escape me,
what hope have you?

The universe within my purple palm,
I’ll make sure you see no dawn,
for I am the engine to end it all,
existence, swallowed within my BLACK HOLE.


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