by Elven Venom

[Character] Enka Ohm, The Silent

Little boy with bamboo hat,
humbly raised in peaceful tribe,
whose dreams were quite far from flat,
nurturing a higher vibe.

Up the mountains in the cold,
yet his heart was filled with warmth.
Old traditions were at hold
within his bloodline kind and calmed.

Enka was his given name –
simple as the desert dust is.
Becoming strong was his true aim,
enough to overcome injustice.

Cherished temples were his home,
taught by monks the ways of life,
read countless books, tome by tome,
in many secrets he did dive.

Throughout his teachers’ guidance
harnessing his mind and body,
thus he learned the gift of silence,
practicing through hardships bloody.

One day he heard of place
where people trained to fight off monsters.
He rushed there with courageous pace
and joined a large group of youngsters.

People there were different, loud,
edgy and extremely tense.
Some of them were foolish, proud,
unaware of the silent dance.

Before not long he was avoided
for being different than the others,
but without a doubt embroidered
as strongest in the ranked ladders.

They started marveling his quiet nature
after witnessing his honed skills.
Among them he was truly mature,
bringing them the highest thrills.

Enka is the sole example
that brings the faith back in humanity.
The more he grows, the more he tramples,
breaking the cycle of normality.

Grown-up boy with hat-bamboo,
defender of the mortal race,
mastered mindfulness, he’ll do
miracles with his martial arts’ grace.


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