by Elven Venom

[Character] Ortherion Flameheart

Here comes the soldier – heir
of the noble kin of Hearts.
All the foes of Fate to tear,
following the martial arts.

In human flesh for so long slept,
awakened after all these years,
identity in dark was kept
to prevent his mother’s tears.

The son of Legionheart, ascending,
reaching for his father’s goal,
feelings into battle sending,
thus resolved to pay the toll!

The stream of consciousness of his
yells to raise a runic reader,
until the mind flow meets abyss,
he shall exalt himself as leader!

World on a string is hanging,
Doomsday closing day by day,
justice on the Earth is landing,
serving freedom on its way!

The burning star of Conqueror –
the unborn flame stored in him,
a legacy, unknown to lure
is yet to bow down to his whim.


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